Wasatch View Magazine

Social Core was recently featured in the July issue of the Wasatch View magazine. Julie and Janet gave a brief description of Social Core and each of the 4 temperaments were highlighted. The article states, “Yearsley and Vause can help you identify your dominant traits. The collection of traits with which you were born define... Read more

How Color Affects You Emotionally

Color and Emotion Everything has energy which vibrates at various frequencies. Color is energy we can actually see. Our eye sees some of these vibrations on the visible light spectrum. Since color is energy your emotions are affected. For example, take the color red it says energy. When I am tired but have to get... Read more

Why Can’t They All Just Clean Their Room?

Why is it that you can have 3 children and all of them attack their chores so differently?  They all came from the same parents. It would make sense for them to do the way I think they should.  When I tell them to clean their rooms: Daughter #1 does a beautiful job of first... Read more