Why Can’t They All Just Clean Their Room?

Why Can’t They All Just Clean Their Room?

Why is it that you can have 3 children and all of them attack their chores so differently?  They all came from the same parents. It would make sense for them to do the way I think they should.  When I tell them to clean their rooms:

Daughter #1 does a beautiful job of first moving everything out of her room and reorganizing it down to color coordinating her clothes in the closet.  It takes her all day but they room looks amazing in the end.

Daughter #2 dives right in and has the room finished in record time.  It also looks great.  This daughter does not waste a minute; she has no time to mess around with this cleaning business all day. She quickly moves onto some other activity.

Daughter #3 comes to tell me she has finished cleaning but . . . all of the mess is now shoved under the bed.  I say pull that out and do it again.  Thirty minutes later she comes in cheerfully announcing she is finished. However, now all the mess has been packed into the closet.  I say, “Hey, Babes! Why don’t you just take the time to do it right and put everything where it goes.”  After a length of time she is finally finished and the job is done right.  But now, I am exhausted!

Each daughter had a different approach.  Come to Social Core to learn why each child is so different and how I learned to parent each one so that they could complete their tasks and my life was easier.