Temperment Types

The Captain

The captain’s central focus is, “ready, set, go”.  You are energetic, dynamic, competent, and confident.

The shapes associated with the captain are irregular angles and asymmetrical patterns. You are earthy, textured, and have a look of strength. You are often referred to as, “exotic”. Your skin is textured with irregular pigments and prone to deeper lines. Your face is triangular, square or has an angular jaw with chiseled edges. You have high chiseled cheekbones. You have an angle on the inside corner of your eye. Your lips are angular and often have points on the bow. Your nose is angular and predominant. Your nostrils have points. Your hands are matured with rough textured skin.

The captain is active, deliberate, and purposeful. You are loud, intense, and swift. You are a resourceful person. Your voice is brassy, abrupt, sassy, and loud.

The captain knows where everything is due to your compartmentalized mind. You can get things swiftly cleaned up. Things around you need to be purposeful. You have no bubble and can be close to others.

The captain is naturally dynamic. You are an extrovert. You are purposeful and take action to get results. You are able to multi-task and organize. You are competitive by nature. You are passionate, self-confident, and self-reliant. You are an independent soul. You are dependable, energetic, and true to a cause. You are able to make decisions quickly. You are self-disciplined and plan ahead.

The cautions for the captain are that you are demanding, loud, and overly confident.  You can be impulsive, pushy, harsh, inconsiderate, and aggressive. You can multi-task so much that you become less effective.  You tend to take over in a group.  You are easily irritated and take criticism poorly.  You can hurt others feelings and be disagreeable.


In the captain’s everyday world you like to be in charge. You relish having responsibilities. You are direct, honest, straightforward, and often blunt. You can be entertaining and fun, but only after the work is done. You expect yourself and others to demonstrate competency, effort, and follow through.

The captain’s thought process is compartmentalized. You are an external processor. Your thought processes are swift and deliberate. You do not like to read instructions in detail because you are confident you can figure it out.

As a learner the captain prefers to learn in an environment which is intellectually stimulating; where debate and problem solving are encouraged. You have a great ability to improvise and think on your feet. You dislike routine, deadlines, and structure. You can become bored with facts and details. You like to actively participate and find it difficult to just stand back.


The Engineer

The engineer’s central focus is to seek perfection in themselves and everyone around them. You value traditions and established ways of doing things.

The shape associated with the engineer is classic straight lines and ovals. You like symmetrical patterns. You look stunning, sculpted and symmetrical. You are often called, “striking”. Your skin is clear and porcelain-like with small pores. Your face shape is oval or rectangular. You have high oval-shaped cheek bones. Your eyes are oval and symmetrical. Your lips are smooth, full, and symmetrical. You have two straight lines on the side of your nose with oval nostrils. Your hands have smooth porcelain skin. Your fingers are parallel all the way to the tip with no tapering.

The engineer has minimal movement. You are controlled, bold, and regal. Your movement is rigid. You have authoritative bold language with an advanced vocabulary. Your voice has clear, clean, smooth sounds.

The engineer likes things put away, out of sight. You like clean and orderly space. You appreciated negative space with no movement. You do not want people in your space.

The engineer is a perfectionist. You are an introvert. You are authoritative in your own world. You are systematic, structured, and stay on task. You are intimidating and influential. You have natural poise and are well mannered. You are faithful, truthful, reserved, and a good listener.

The cautions for the engineer are that you can be judgmental and intimidating. You tend to be demanding and bossy. You can be condescending and stubborn. You worry about what others think. You are self-centered, pessimistic, and often neglect your friends.

The everyday world of the engineer is that you are reserved, self-reliant, and highly independent. You feel drained by too much contact with others. You prefer calm and conflict free environments. You dislike small talk and prefer to debate intellectual concepts. You tend to be concise and articulate with your words.

The engineer’s thinking process is deep and reflective. You think in a black and white world. You are concise and clear. You are an internal processer and a left-brained logical thinker.

As a learner the engineer can be brilliant and original. You have a strong grasp of theories and concepts. You are good at analyzing problems and making decisions. You are forever asking, “Why”. You prefer to work on your own. You like to learn in an orderly self-paced manner. You dislike learning environments which are unstructured or where active participation is required.


The Host

The host’s central focus is to reach out to everyone. You are excited to plan an event that everyone will come to and have a fun time. The host is a friendly, witty, charming and talkative person.

The shapes that relate to the host personality are circular motion and rounded shapes. This also includes heart shapes as they are rounded on the top. You also like repeated patterns.

The host is an animated, youthful person. You are often called “cute”. Your skin is referred to as fresh-faced since you often look young. Your face shape is circular or heart shaped. Your cheeks are circular. The host’s eyes are round with a sparkle in them. Your lips are cherub-like, round and full. You have a circle shape on the tip of your nose or a slight turned up nose. Your hands are small and cherub looking with chubby youthful fingers.

Since the host is an animated person you walk with a bounce and exude upward light energy. You use maximum movement in everything you do. When you speak it involves your whole body. You are often giggly and always talking.

The host can be messy and often appear to be disorganized to others. You have a tendency to misplace things. You like a lot of decorations (stuff) around them. You have no bubble and easily cross into others’ space.

The host’s personality is inspiring to others. You are bubbly, fun and optimistic. You are unstructured, spontaneous, and like change. You are friendly, a good conversationalist, and an extrovert. You have a high energy level. The host is curious, tender-hearted, and has empathy for others. You smile often and cheer others on.

The cautions for the host personality are that you are easily bored, distracted, and inconsistent. You have difficulty making and keeping commitments. Others may perceive you as being flaky. You tend to fail to plan ahead. You are overly talkative, speak without thinking and annoying. You often get so excited about new projects that you take on too many things at once.

The host’s everyday world includes having a wide circle of friends and being overly generous. Your enthusiastic nature turns everything you are involved with into fun. You like to be high spirited and playful. You tend to thrive on crisis and chaos. You are highly competitive. You can be impulsive, impatient, and unpredictable.

The host’s thinking process is quick, spontaneous, and unstructured. You are an external processer. You are nonconforming and are able to think about many things at once.

As a learner the host likes to experience new problems and opportunities to learn. You prefer action to contemplation. You like to be constantly busy. You dislike going over and over information but would rather resolve issues quickly. You prefer a learning environment that contains excitement, drama, and a range of activities to tackle.


The Teacher

The teacher’s central focus is the process of gathering the details and then watching their plan play out. You are sensitive, gentle, caring, and loyal. You have little desire for competition or control. You excel at one-on-one connections.

The shapes that relate to the teacher are relaxed curves. You are blended and soft. You are often referred to as, “beautiful”. Your skin is soft, supple and free of wrinkles and lines. Your face shape is oval. From your cheekbone to jaw line is a relaxed curve. Your eyes are almond shaped and dreamy. Your lips are elongated and look refined. You have length to your nose, but it is refined. Your hands also have length and your long fingers taper toward the nail.

The teacher’s walk is smooth and graceful with a fluid flowing movement. You look like you are floating on air. You have a soft articulate voice.

You tend to like to clean through things in detail and keep memorabilia that connects you to the past. You have a personal bubble and need to have your own space.

The teacher is a romantic. You connect to people at the heart. You have a sensitive nature and are soft and quiet. You are an introvert. You are methodical and determined. You are a nurturer and a peacemaker. You listen carefully to others and are diplomatic. You are neat, dependable, and talented with your hands.

The cautions for the teacher are that you can be emotionally draining. You move slower in action and thought. You have difficulty making up your mind. You can be overly sensitive and a worrier. You do not like being the center of attention. You can be slow to accept new ideas. You make friends carefully and slowly. You easily get tied up in the details. You are stubborn and punish others by being silent.

In your everyday world you are reserved, compassionate, and tender hearted. You are loyal and deeply committed to your ideals and inspirations.You are often visionary. You find your values and high ideals single-mindedly. You have a rich imagination and are highly creative, and original.

The teacher is an internal processer. Your thoughts go on and on. You need to connect to the past, present, and future. Your thoughts are slower and more methodical. You rarely express yourself freely.

As a learner the teacher enjoys exploring abstract theories and concepts. You like to read a lot. You dislike distractions. You like to think things through carefully. You prefer to work in a quiet organized space that allows you to concentrate. You are highly demanding of yourself and others.