The Captain

The captain’s central focus is, “ready, set, go”.  You are energetic, dynamic, competent, and confident.

The shapes associated with the captain are irregular angles and asymmetrical patterns. You are earthy, textured, and have a look of strength. You are often referred to as, “exotic”. Your skin is textured with irregular pigments and prone to deeper lines. Your face is triangular, square or has an angular jaw with chiseled edges. You have high chiseled cheekbones. You have an angle on the inside corner of your eye. Your lips are angular and often have points on the bow. Your nose is angular and predominant. Your nostrils have points. Your hands are matured with rough textured skin.

The captain is active, deliberate, and purposeful. You are loud, intense, and swift. You are a resourceful person. Your voice is brassy, abrupt, sassy, and loud.

The captain knows where everything is due to your compartmentalized mind. You can get things swiftly cleaned up. Things around you need to be purposeful. You have no bubble and can be close to others.

The captain is naturally dynamic. You are an extrovert. You are purposeful and take action to get results. You are able to multi-task and organize. You are competitive by nature. You are passionate, self-confident, and self-reliant. You are an independent soul. You are dependable, energetic, and true to a cause. You are able to make decisions quickly. You are self-disciplined and plan ahead.

The cautions for the captain are that you are demanding, loud, and overly confident.  You can be impulsive, pushy, harsh, inconsiderate, and aggressive. You can multi-task so much that you become less effective.  You tend to take over in a group.  You are easily irritated and take criticism poorly.  You can hurt others feelings and be disagreeable.


In the captain’s everyday world you like to be in charge. You relish having responsibilities. You are direct, honest, straightforward, and often blunt. You can be entertaining and fun, but only after the work is done. You expect yourself and others to demonstrate competency, effort, and follow through.

The captain’s thought process is compartmentalized. You are an external processor. Your thought processes are swift and deliberate. You do not like to read instructions in detail because you are confident you can figure it out.

As a learner the captain prefers to learn in an environment which is intellectually stimulating; where debate and problem solving are encouraged. You have a great ability to improvise and think on your feet. You dislike routine, deadlines, and structure. You can become bored with facts and details. You like to actively participate and find it difficult to just stand back.