The Engineer

The engineer’s central focus is to seek perfection in themselves and everyone around them. You value traditions and established ways of doing things.

The shape associated with the engineer is classic straight lines and ovals. You like symmetrical patterns. You look stunning, sculpted and symmetrical. You are often called, “striking”. Your skin is clear and porcelain-like with small pores. Your face shape is oval or rectangular. You have high oval-shaped cheek bones. Your eyes are oval and symmetrical. Your lips are smooth, full, and symmetrical. You have two straight lines on the side of your nose with oval nostrils. Your hands have smooth porcelain skin. Your fingers are parallel all the way to the tip with no tapering.

The engineer has minimal movement. You are controlled, bold, and regal. Your movement is rigid. You have authoritative bold language with an advanced vocabulary. Your voice has clear, clean, smooth sounds.

The engineer likes things put away, out of sight. You like clean and orderly space. You appreciated negative space with no movement. You do not want people in your space.

The engineer is a perfectionist. You are an introvert. You are authoritative in your own world. You are systematic, structured, and stay on task. You are intimidating and influential. You have natural poise and are well mannered. You are faithful, truthful, reserved, and a good listener.

The cautions for the engineer are that you can be judgmental and intimidating. You tend to be demanding and bossy. You can be condescending and stubborn. You worry about what others think. You are self-centered, pessimistic, and often neglect your friends.

The everyday world of the engineer is that you are reserved, self-reliant, and highly independent. You feel drained by too much contact with others. You prefer calm and conflict free environments. You dislike small talk and prefer to debate intellectual concepts. You tend to be concise and articulate with your words.

The engineer’s thinking process is deep and reflective. You think in a black and white world. You are concise and clear. You are an internal processer and a left-brained logical thinker.

As a learner the engineer can be brilliant and original. You have a strong grasp of theories and concepts. You are good at analyzing problems and making decisions. You are forever asking, “Why”. You prefer to work on your own. You like to learn in an orderly self-paced manner. You dislike learning environments which are unstructured or where active participation is required.