The Host

The host’s central focus is to reach out to everyone. You are excited to plan an event that everyone will come to and have a fun time. The host is a friendly, witty, charming and talkative person.

The shapes that relate to the host personality are circular motion and rounded shapes. This also includes heart shapes as they are rounded on the top. You also like repeated patterns.

The host is an animated, youthful person. You are often called “cute”. Your skin is referred to as fresh-faced since you often look young. Your face shape is circular or heart shaped. Your cheeks are circular. The host’s eyes are round with a sparkle in them. Your lips are cherub-like, round and full. You have a circle shape on the tip of your nose or a slight turned up nose. Your hands are small and cherub looking with chubby youthful fingers.

Since the host is an animated person you walk with a bounce and exude upward light energy. You use maximum movement in everything you do. When you speak it involves your whole body. You are often giggly and always talking.

The host can be messy and often appear to be disorganized to others. You have a tendency to misplace things. You like a lot of decorations (stuff) around them. You have no bubble and easily cross into others’ space.

The host’s personality is inspiring to others. You are bubbly, fun and optimistic. You are unstructured, spontaneous, and like change. You are friendly, a good conversationalist, and an extrovert. You have a high energy level. The host is curious, tender-hearted, and has empathy for others. You smile often and cheer others on.

The cautions for the host personality are that you are easily bored, distracted, and inconsistent. You have difficulty making and keeping commitments. Others may perceive you as being flaky. You tend to fail to plan ahead. You are overly talkative, speak without thinking and annoying. You often get so excited about new projects that you take on too many things at once.

The host’s everyday world includes having a wide circle of friends and being overly generous. Your enthusiastic nature turns everything you are involved with into fun. You like to be high spirited and playful. You tend to thrive on crisis and chaos. You are highly competitive. You can be impulsive, impatient, and unpredictable.

The host’s thinking process is quick, spontaneous, and unstructured. You are an external processer. You are nonconforming and are able to think about many things at once.

As a learner the host likes to experience new problems and opportunities to learn. You prefer action to contemplation. You like to be constantly busy. You dislike going over and over information but would rather resolve issues quickly. You prefer a learning environment that contains excitement, drama, and a range of activities to tackle.