The Teacher

The teacher’s central focus is the process of gathering the details and then watching their plan play out. You are sensitive, gentle, caring, and loyal. You have little desire for competition or control. You excel at one-on-one connections.

The shapes that relate to the teacher are relaxed curves. You are blended and soft. You are often referred to as, “beautiful”. Your skin is soft, supple and free of wrinkles and lines. Your face shape is oval. From your cheekbone to jaw line is a relaxed curve. Your eyes are almond shaped and dreamy. Your lips are elongated and look refined. You have length to your nose, but it is refined. Your hands also have length and your long fingers taper toward the nail.

The teacher’s walk is smooth and graceful with a fluid flowing movement. You look like you are floating on air. You have a soft articulate voice.

You tend to like to clean through things in detail and keep memorabilia that connects you to the past. You have a personal bubble and need to have your own space.

The teacher is a romantic. You connect to people at the heart. You have a sensitive nature and are soft and quiet. You are an introvert. You are methodical and determined. You are a nurturer and a peacemaker. You listen carefully to others and are diplomatic. You are neat, dependable, and talented with your hands.

The cautions for the teacher are that you can be emotionally draining. You move slower in action and thought. You have difficulty making up your mind. You can be overly sensitive and a worrier. You do not like being the center of attention. You can be slow to accept new ideas. You make friends carefully and slowly. You easily get tied up in the details. You are stubborn and punish others by being silent.

In your everyday world you are reserved, compassionate, and tender hearted. You are loyal and deeply committed to your ideals and inspirations.You are often visionary. You find your values and high ideals single-mindedly. You have a rich imagination and are highly creative, and original.

The teacher is an internal processer. Your thoughts go on and on. You need to connect to the past, present, and future. Your thoughts are slower and more methodical. You rarely express yourself freely.

As a learner the teacher enjoys exploring abstract theories and concepts. You like to read a lot. You dislike distractions. You like to think things through carefully. You prefer to work in a quiet organized space that allows you to concentrate. You are highly demanding of yourself and others.