Thank you “My Social Core” for an amazing experience. I learned so much about myself and things I need to add to better balance my life. It was awesome to see how each color and room was a completely different experience and the effect they had on me. I definitely recommend going to anyone interested in learning more about yourself or just curious about the effect the colors around us have on your daily lives. I can’t wait to attend more classes to help better understand myself as well as the people around me. Two thumbs up from this girl! Thank you again.


This great class not only helps you to see and understand color, but you get to experience it and feel its influence in your life. It’s fascinating to watch these gifted teachers bring the magical world of color to life in a whole new way!


I loved going to the Emotions of Colors class. I didn’t realize how much colors REALLY do affect our emotions. I had heard of using color therapy before but i had never used it for myself. After being shown how to find out what color our bodies were needing we then were able to experience that color through our senses as well. Through sight, smell, and touch we were able to get the healing benefits as a whole for whatever color. I had come to the class pretty sick, by the end of the night i did start to feel better. I loved the class, and i look forward to learning even more.


The class was great fun and I learned a lot about color. It helped me put life in perspective and what colors I need to add into my environment. My favorite oils are the deep red and turquoise. Thank you.


I loved the class about color! I now know that I need to incorporate more gold into my life! I also need more of the violets, the deep violet and the light violet, as well as adding some pink and turquoise! It was just so cool to experience the sight, smell and taste of color! So much fun! I cannot wait for the next class!


Julie and Janet’s color class is extraordinary! They have created an unforgettable experience. I was a skeptic going into the class, but I truly felt a pull and draw to the colors that are missing in my life. Deep red was calling to me specifically and I found out that color has to do with abundance, grounding and support, things I am definitely craving in my lift right now. I hope to incorporate that color into my life as soon as possible to help balance that chakra. Once I learned that each color has a frequency it made even more sense to me that it would have a profound effect on each us. Thank you ladies for an incredible experience! I will definitely be back!


I recently attended the color class from Social Core and I LOVED it! I am currently a foot zoning student and am learning a lot about chakra’s, and energy, so I was really excited to learn how color plays an important part in our everyday lives. I loved all the color rooms where I was able to smell, taste and experience a little about a few of the colors. Julie and Janet are so wonderful at what they do! They were very well educated on the subject and both had such a fun wonderful energy about them. I loved everything I learned in the class and was so excited as I came home and noticed colors all around me! I am so anxious to learn more and I would highly recommend this class to anyone! LOVED IT!


Thank you!!! Really. Really. Really. I loved that class. The misters and oils are super powerful stuff. Awareness is getting higher and higher as we prepare to usher in the Savior, but the class was a powerful reminder that He is within us. You are doing great work.



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